5 Strategies to Reclaim Customers Using Facebook & Instagram During COVID-19

Here’s an article by IKF- one of the leading Facebook marketing company in Pune on what strategies you can use to optimize your marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.


May 30, 2020

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COVID-19 has had a major influence on our business and has altered consumer behavior. Many small businesses and advertisers are now looking for newer ways to connect with their audiences and maintain their existing ones. Here’s an article by IKF- one of the leading Facebook marketing company in Pune on what strategies you can use to optimize your marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Time to test new Ad creatives: We always have new ideas in mind but discard them for being too bold and disruptive against the rather safe tried and tested methods. Well, now is the time to test your theory. Since many businesses have closed or slowed down due to COVID-19, you can spend your idle time on experimenting with new imagery and creative ideas to test on your audience. This will also strengthen your future campaigns. According to IKF- a leading Social media marketing company in India, when testing on new audiences, create a new ad set rather than updating an existing one to better understand the actual impact. Test against an already high-performing ad to compare the results. Here are a few things you can try testing.
  2. Build Brand Awareness: Since more consumers are home during the COVID-19 lockdown and even after it, it has seen a steep rise in web traffic. This means, less CPL and more opportunity to reach more audiences on Facebook & Instagram in the same budget. Planning ads in advance will help customers find your content to satisfy their consumption needs. Your content should talk about how your product or service will benefit them now or when they are ready to purchase/avail in the future. Use the help of social media marketing services in India to keep them engaged with the latest news about your business and highlight how they can help you during these tough times with business activities like purchasing gift cards or shopping online.
  3. Start targeting new leads with lead generation forms: If you are into the service sector, chances are you are already sending regular emails to your subscribers to keep them in the loop. But now since most service businesses are either closed or at best slow, its time to pause the marketing campaign and instead start targeting new audiences. Using the      Facebook Lead Ad campaign, you have the scope to increase signups for email newsletter campaigns and create an audience that can be remarketed on a      future date. For example, if you are into the salon business, you can run a promotional campaign asking new subscribers to participate and win something in return. These leads can later convert to customers once the business is back in action. Remember that in the lead gen form, asking for too much information can dissuade the customer from signing up. Restrict it to name & email ID!
  4. Focus on remarketing campaigns: With an increased browsing rate, there is a greater possibility to attract your lost customers and previous visitors back to your website with exclusive promotional offers and incentives. With the help of IKF - the provider of one of the best digital marketing services in India & Pune, you can also test engagement custom audiences which allows you to target those users who engaged with you on Facebook & Instagram. This includes those people who have liked, commented, shared, or interacted with your Facebook and      Instagram business page, watched your videos, or viewed/filled out a lead form. Note that the more relevant your campaign, the better engagement you will see, so segment your audience as much as possible.
  5. Go Live: With the live features of Facebook & Instagram, you can get in touch with your audience in a direct and real way. Try a question-answering series, offer online check-ins, webinars on popular topics, online demos, and more to keep your audiences up to date with the latest your business has to offer.

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