The Role Of Social Media & Companies Using Them During COVID-19

Here is an article by IKF - the leading digital marketing company in Pune - about the role of social media in our lives and how companies can leverage them in such times.


May 30, 2020

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We are living in a time of tremendous information which is accessible right at the touch of our finger tips albeit without discrimination and moderation. Hence, while the news about COVID-19 was instantly broadcasted throughout the world, alarming governments and citizens together, false news also accompanied it. With symptoms, count, preventive measures, and conspiracy theories, Social media played a significant role in both the information & misinformation about the pandemic creating panic among users. Here is an article by IKF - the leading digital marketing company in Pune - about the role of social media in our lives and how companies can leverage them in such times.

A Source of Unmoderated Information, Misinformation & Entertainment

Social media provides a great platform to communicate throughout the world for free! But this freedom comes at the cost of being a victim to false information and mischievious agendas too. In some cases, you yourself might be responsible for the miscommunication. The best rule of thumb for making sure the information correct is by tracking the chain upto the source of it. If the source is found to be authentic, the information can be relied upon. If you’re the one presenting information, then it’s your responsibility to cite the source and fact-check your own sources. Also, abstain from using words that are alarming or absolute in nature. We still don’t know so many things about the virus that it’s best to avoid unnecessary bold statements. But Social media has also played a critical role in engaging people and keeping their mental state sound by a daily dose of entertainment. The social media marketing services in India were working in full swing creating engaging content for homestruck people. We saw doctors dancing, bands marching through the streets as people cheered from their balconies sending waves of positivity. We saw many celebrities urging people to stay at home by citing their own example. Some taught us how to cook, some gave us a tour of their farm houses while others were busy tagging their friends into a challenge. Whatever the case might be, Social media truly influenced the way we should think and act. The negatives also had their share with people posting videos of people disobeying the orders of lockdown, some even congratulating corona for coming to the country. All these heavily influenced public behavior.

How Should Companies Use Social Media During Such Crises

Companies can use social media in atleast two ways, one for commercial purpose the other for community purpose. In simple words, the first case are the companies that use social media to brand themselves and sell their products or services, while the second case is to simply connect and bond with their customers while also providing them a platform for expressing their feelings. The latter approach is what experts believe companies should pick up today in the times of pandemic. This is the time to use social media to talk WITH your customers rather than talk TO them. One of the ways a company can establish connect with their clients is by offering free resources that would help them journey through the crisis. These can be as simple as YouTube videos of keeping the mind healthy during stressful times or a handbook on lockdown cooking recipes. The idea is to embrace a communal approach for the time being instead of the usual marketing. This will help a long way in winning loyal customers.

As lockdown continues to the end of May 2020, it's doubtful that businesses will start operating at full capacity anytime soon. 2020 - proving to be the longest holiday year of all times - will see businesses resorting to social media even post lockdown. So now that you have no better way to socialize except digitally, why not make the best of it. If you want to know more about how you can use digital marketing for your business during COVID-19, contact IKF - the leading digital marketing company in India.

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